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Demand a Bold Climate Plan From the DNC

sunday, July 19 • 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET

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Every 4 years, the Democratic Party puts together a party platform. These are the ideas and beliefs that govern the party as a whole and are the default policies of Democratic candidates. The 2020 Policy Platform drafting committee is currently in the proccess of drafting the plan the new plan. We want to make sure the 2020 Policy Platform includes bold and ambitious climate plans to match the crisis we're in, and so does the DNC Climate Council. Their recommendations, endorsed by everyone from Sunrise to, need to be adopted, now!


2025 - Zero-carbon new infrastructure
2030 - 100% clean renewable energy
2040 - Net-zero carbon emissions
Read the full recommendations, just click here!

The Plan

We want to put pressure on the DNC's Drafting Committee to adopt the Climate Council's reccomendations! We'll be doing that by submitting public comment, tweeting, and more during an hour long livestream put on by Sunrise L.A. Youth, which you can view right on this website!

Take Action!

1. sign the petition

Endorse these recommendations yourself by signing the petition below! The DNC thinks that bold climate action doesn’t have enough popular support, but we can prove them wrong.

2. Elected Official Sign On

We need to get as many elected officials as we can to endorse the Council’s recommendations. The DNC values their opinions, and they can help sway the Policy Platform in the right direction. Click the button below to get a template email to send to your local elected officials.

3. Tweet

Let's bring the fight to Twitter! Tweeting is a great way to draw attention to our demands, both from the public and the person you're targeting. Each person has a diffirent ask, so take a look and choose a tweet!

4. Submit public comment

Submitting public comment is a great way to have your voice heard! Submit public comment to the DNC Platform Drafting Committee by clicking the button below. We've made it easy with our template!


Organization: Sunrise L.A. Youth

Topic: Climate Policy Platform

Comment: The climate crisis is here. We can't ignore it any longer, and the 2020 Democratic Policy Platform needs to reflect that. I urge you to adopt the DNC Council on Environment and Climate Crisis's recommendations, which have been endorsed by practically the entire climate movement, from Sunrise to We as a party need to put our communities and families above the interest of fossil fuel corporations, it's now or never.

5. Share

Get your friends and family on board! We need to show broad public support for strong climate policy, so tap below to get a pre-written email inviting them to sign the petition. If you want to text instead, you can copy this link and send it to them!



Damar “D” Garcia is the Youth Engagement Director of the DNC Council ON Environment and Climate Crisis, as well as a climate activist in Los Angeles.


Kevin Patel is a 19-year-old Climate Activist from Los Angeles. He is the Co-Deputy Partnerships Director for Zero Hour, and is a lead organizer for Youth Climate Strike LA. Kevin is also Founder and Executive director of OneUpAction.

Jaclyn LOPEZ

Jacki Lopez is the Florida Director for the Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund and one of the lead writers and researchers for the development of the DNC Climate Council's Platform Recommendations.