April 17, 2020

California Teens to Demand Sen. Feinstein Back a People’s Bailout and Green New Deal in Virtual Office Takeover

Students from across the state will takeover the Senator’s office with demands to protect the health and wellbeing of all Americans during the current public health crisis and the climate crisis

CALIFORNIA — On April 20, 2020, youth from across California will take over Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) office in a day-long action titled #GetGreenFeinstein, demanding a People’s Bailout, short-term economic relief and support for people and community health, and for Sen. Feinstein to treat the climate crisis as the emergency it is by backing the Green New Deal. Due to stay-at-home orders across the state, teens from California Sunrise Movement hubs will be taking over the senator’s office virtually—by flooding the senator’s phone lines, social media, email inboxes, and sidewalks across the state.

“As we face a public health crisis we were vastly unprepared for, we’re seeing the need for unprecedented change to be prepared to combat future crises,” said Ozzy Simpson, hub coordinator of Sunrise Sequoyah and founding member of Sunrise L.A. Youth. “People are struggling now and need immediate government support. Congress must act now to protect workers and communities, not corporate executives. Our response to this crisis must fight inequality, not double down on the unjust status quo.”

The group of teens are demanding that Sen. Feinstein back the Green New Deal to heal America from this crisis and rebuild the economy via worker power & solidarity and be prepared for crises in the future, such as the climate crisis, which has the potential to be more deadly, more widespread, and harder to contain than anything we've ever dealt with. The day-long takeover will start at 10 AM PDT with a brief livestream, and culminate with an hour-and-a-half long livestream starting at 3:30 PM PDT where youth will share stories, call in live, and more.

“Sen. Feinstein says that she is committed to protecting our climate. If she wants to live up to this commitment, then she should back the Green New Deal,” said Claire Donahue, hub coordinator of Sunrise L.A. Youth. “What is stopping her? Perhaps the over $1.3 million she has taken from the fossil fuel industry over her congressional career. It’s time for Sen. Feinstein to choose our future over her climate-denying funders and stock accounts.”

The Green New Deal, while it does center on climate action, has the potential to be applied to a variety of crises, including the coronavirus public health crisis. Medicare for All, which would eliminate private health insurance and expand Medicare to all Americans, is an integral part of the Green New Deal that would help solve health insurance gaps that are fueling the spread of coronavirus, especially among historically oppressed frontline and vulnerable communities.

When U.S. unemployment rates are set to hit 30% due to the global pandemic, the Green New Deal also offers the opportunity to create millions of good paying jobs while creating a just transition to renewable energy sources.

#GetGreenFeinstein is being organized by a coalition of teens and youth leaders concerned about the climate and coronavirus crises, including members of Sunrise L.A. Youth, Sunrise Sequoyah, and more.

On the morning of Monday, April 20, tools and guides will launch at the #GetGreenFeinstein website for those interested in taking action. In the lead up to the day of action, people are encouraged to sign up for a time on Monday to call in live on the livestream.



Sunrise L.A. Youth is the Los Angeles hub for high school students of the Sunrise Movement, a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.