Green New Deal Petition Signatures Delivered!

Sunrise Sequoyah

December 10, 2019

I want to thank everyone who signed our petition asking Pasadena City Council to pledge their support for a Green New Deal and getting fossil fuel money out of local politics so much.

After six hours of waiting last night, I was able to deliver the petition’s signatures (and pledges to sign) to the council members at 12:30 AM. None of the sitting members signed publicly last night, but we are following up with them soon to ensure they do.

Thank you to the select few who waited the entire meeting out and stayed to support. For those that couldn’t make it or had to leave early (smart choice), here are my remarks.

If you didn’t know, District 2 candidate Felicia Williams, District 4 candidate Charlotte Bland, and District 6 candidate Ryan Bell all signed the Green New Deal pledge last Friday at our strike, along with mayoral candidate Jason Hardin. Other non-incumbent candidates, including District 2 candidate Tricia Keane and District 6 candidate Tamerlin Godley, also plan to sign the pledge soon.

Thank you again to all those who signed the petition, and we’ll be sending updates soon.

Happy holidays,

Ozzy Simpson